About the Company

Citius Resources PLC (“the Company”) was formed to undertake an acquisition of a target company or business in the natural resources sector.

The Company’s efforts in identifying a prospective target company or business will not be limited to a particular industry or geographic region. However, given the experience of the Directors, the Company expects to focus on acquiring an exploration or production company or business in the natural resources sector with either all or a substantial portion of its operations in Europe.

In assessing the potential Acquisition, the Board will pay particular attention to the following overriding factors:

  • the existence of production providing cash flow for the business;
  • strong exploration potential in known natural resources producing areas;
  • the quality of the management; in addition of
  • an established track record of developing natural resources assets.

The Directors at Citius Resources PLC are responsible for procuring investment and acquisition opportunities to be considered by the Company.  The Company has recruited a Board it believes is well suited for the purposes of implementing its business strategy. Delivering a strong track record of growing diversified business groups in both the natural resources sector and financial sector. This includes considerable public company experience with a wide network of global contacts. Such as, the mining, oil, gas, energy and corporate finance sectors.